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The worlds of imagination, fiction and reality at VivaTech international saloon in its first edition

- Par hassane dkhissi
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05 07 2016 - 15:25


VivaTech, an international event in its first edition was organized in Paris. The first two days the door of VivaTech saloon were closed at the eyes of the general public because it was reserved just for thousands of startups, investors, innovators and lecturers to give them the opportunity to varieties of discussions and exchanges of ideas over many subjects linked to modern technology.
Startups have participated in challenges in introducing theirs projects so as one of them to be chosen by the jury that is composed by women and men.Then, questions were given by the jury and also by the public.Investors were too present to select the project to invest in.The last day was opened to the public at its large to have a look and ideas about what happens at the world of innovation in technology.

The basis of technology actually depends on what is digital and in it we simplify life, make it easy and the costs of companies will be reduced definitely.what I have noticed during three days at the VivaTech saloon is that the English language was mostly used and rarely that I saw Someone speaking French language.The majority have come from English speaking countries and even people from other countries no speaking English were obliged to speak English.So, English was the language that reduces the gaps of communication between the representatives and participants of the countries of the world.On the other way, English is the language of technology because as I think the first innovations was having their beginnings from English and the majority of developed countries are those that speak English.This is the reality and no one can deny it.

Besides giving a great importance to startups, VivaTech saloon has seen the presence of two worlds at the same time, the world of fiction and the world of reality.
With high innovation in the instrument of technology, some innovations help the one to live and venture in the world of fiction by the mind and by what the mind sees throught out the eyes and throught out the instrument he uses.His body daesnot leave the world of reality he is living in but stick to it; it is just the instrument that stands as a bridge to this world of fiction and tries to bring you its mirror by transmitting different images to the mind who is the engine that interprets them and guides all member of human body to respond and to move.The player in the game is carried out by imagination to the world of fiction to let his body living a reality which daes not really exist at all.It is just a game that gives enjoyment and pleasure for the mind to relax from this the world of reality at one hand and in the other hand it shows that the mind is capable to create and to innovate things that were not before believable.

When we return to reality after fiction, we see that the mind has created for human being the automatic and electric car.It is a car that daes not need a driver since it is an intelligent car capable of carrying woman, man and children without the need to drive it.A man carried by automatic car has just to sit and why not to drink coffee while the car is doing the role to take him easily to his destination with security and comfort.
Ideas about digital train were given and a model about it was shown during the three days of exhibition of the modern innovations in the world of technology.

At the last day, the doors were opened to the public and among visitors families accompanied by children.These later have find their personalty in participating and doing many things and especially were attracted by PlayStation that hold very attracting games.They were not ordinnary games but games that they play and live really in.
A model of civic drone that cost between 30 000 euros and 50 000 euros was present at the saloon of VivaTech.The exhibitor told us that they will creat cars that fly or flying cars in about 7 years.
The electronic book which is described as without end is consisted of all what comes to your mind as wrintings, pictures, videos....
It is not just like bookstore in one book but more than that.
It may stand as archive ....

Startups and the modern technology do not have to forget human and human inside because in loosing what is human they loose what is more important than achievements.
Here are some videos or views that my camera caught during my presence at VivaTech saloon organized in Paris from 30 june to 2 july 2016:

hassane dkhissi

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